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Introducing the Raspberry Pi

Project: CiTA - Date: 2015-02-11

The CiTA project started with two workshops (one at Kalwala Secondary School and one at Chadiza Boarding Secondary School) based on the Raspberry Pi computer. The picture above shows three displays with two lines of 16 characters. During the workshop the participants connected the displays to the Raspberry Pi computers and they developed the software for displaying the text. Other experiments involved the connection and programing of LED s, switches, small motors, speakers, etc.

Dining hall

Project: PiVoT - Date: 2015-02-11

The dining hall has nearly been completed. Because of some technical misfortune the construction took longer than expected. One should realize however that the people in Kalwala had no experience with buildings of this size. Up to now the only constructions that have been built are 5 to 6 meters wide and have a roof construction of wooden beams. Keeping this in mind the construction of the dining hall is certainly something to be proud of!

Ministry of Education

Project: PiVoT - Date: 2015-01-28

As we mentioned before on this site the Ministry of Education has taken over responsibility for the school. This doesn't mean that suddenly there is plenty of money available but it does mean that the Ministry makes - apart from paying the staff salaries - funds available for stepwise expansion of the school and for adapting it to the local needs. The contribution of the Ministry becomes, for example, visible in the recently installed science lab.

The school also got a water pump. Previously water had to be collected from the nearby river.

Annual Report 2014

Project: General - Date: 2015-01-01

This report briefly looks back at 2014, SOZ's fifth year.

School Support & Beyond

Project: PiVoT - Date: 2014-04-05

At the end of March Chris Hendriks of SOZ and two representatives of School Support & Beyond (SS&B) paid a visit to Kalwala. The objective was on one hand to introduce the representatives of SS&B to the staff of the schools and the Ministry officials – SS&B finances and supports the Schoollunch project that aims at supplying all pupils and students of Kalwala schools (altogether they count up to more than 1000 by now) with a healthy meal during schooldays. On the other hand we wanted to discuss the recent developments and see what impact they have on the priorities for the years to come.

Project proposal: Schoollunch

Project: PiVoT - Date: 2014-01-27

Project proposal for the organization of school lunches

Projectplan PiVoT

Project: PiVoT - Date: 2014-01-27

This document describes project PiVoT

PiVoT strategy

Project: PiVoT - Date: 2014-01-27

Strategic plan for PiVoT 2011 - 2014

School lunch

Project: PiVoT - Date: 2014-01-25

The schools in Kalwala do not only get pupils and students from the nearby villages but also from places further away. This is because the possibilities to get education in the region are limited. But also the good reputation of the schools in Kalwala plays a part. Attracting students from far away is nice but has a drawback. Walking all the way from home, spending the day at school and then walking back home without any food is tough, especially for teenagers. And not only that, insufficient nutrition also slows down the intellectual development and limits the ability to concentrate. Therefor there was already for some time the wish to supply all students – about 400 in total – daily with a healthy meal at lunchtime. Hence we were all very happy when the foundation School Support and Beyond offered to adopt the realization of the necessary facilities as a project (the Schoollunch project). They will (financially) take care of the construction and furnishing of a dining hall and kitchen and the realization of a school garden for growing maize and vegetables. Last November the project had its kick-off and the maize has been planted – just in time to make full use of the rainy season. Soon the construction of the dining hall will start.

The administration block that has been worked on all 2013 reaches its completion. The building also has a staff room for teachers of as well the secondary school as the vocational school. In this staff room a computer and Internet facility is going to be realized. In that way lecturers have the opportunity to keep track of the latest developments in their fields and to enrich their lessons with realistic and up to date examples.

A delegation of the foundation mentioned before as well as a representative of SOZ will visit the schools in Kalwala by the end of next March. During that trip they hope to realize the computer facilities and to discuss the Schoollunch project with stakeholders in the schools and with representatives of the Ministry. These discussions will also give input to the new Strategic Plan. As well this Plan as the evaluation of the past planning period will be published on the SOZ website by the end of 2014,


Annual Report 2013

Project: General - Date: 2014-01-01

This report briefly looks back at 2013, SOZ's fourth year.