Post Corona update
Thu, 01/26/2023 - 15:44

After two corona years, it was possible to visit Zambia again. Incidentally, the effect of the corona epidemic in rural Zambia turned out to be not too bad. As far as you can judge as an outsider, of course.

Kalwale Secondary School is functioning well. As far as exam results are concerned, they are among the best in the region. The school buildings and surroundings look maintained. Sometimes a floor is to be replaced - a concrete mix with too much sand in relation to the amount of cement was used at the time of initial construction.

An ongoing problem is a continuous increase in the number of pupils. Besides the growth in population density in the region, also the fact that the school has officially become a boarding school has contributed to the growth. The effect is a shortage of classrooms. As one of the photos shows, the large dining hall is therefore also used as a classroom during lesson times.

Besides the problems associated with the growth of the school, there is an ongoing concern regarding the availability of equipment for vocational training. Lack of equipment directly affects the quality of training. In addition, adequate availability of equipment would improve the image of training. Too often, vocational training is still seen as an education for students who do not have the capabilities to follow the academic stream. By contributing to the purchase of equipment - see photos - SOZ hopes to contribute to the solution to both problems. The table saw machine was brought from the Netherlands. The other equipment was purchased locally.

Currently, the vocational program trains for technically oriented professions. Not unjustly, since there is a large shortage of skilled technicians in the country. However, the downside is  - like in many other countries - that participation of girls is very limited. Therefore, a vocational training program that will increase the participation of female students is being considered. Concrete ideas do exist about the training profile. Funding is still being worked on.