Foundation for Educational projects in Zambia

When considering the name of the Foundation questions like 'why Zambia' and 'why education' come up immediately. The answer is simple. Like often, whenever you live and work in a particular country, when you get friends there and when it's the place where your children are being born, you are gonna love that country. This also happened with the founders of the organization, Marianne Willeboordse and Chris Hendriks. In 1973 they went to Zambia for the first time. More precisely, they went to Chadiza near Chipata, were they were both working as teachers - in primary and secondary education respectively. After that Zambia remained the theme of their lives. First they went for another three years to Lusaka, working at the University, and after that they visited Zambia regularly for a shorter period of time for specific smaller projects. And as it looks now this will still continue for some time.

The choice for education is more explicit. As was mentioned on the home page only good education can lead to structural changes, as well economically as culturally. Of course also the government is aware of this. But extending the educational infrastructure involves a lot of money and takes a lot of time. For a country like Zambia the impact is even larger because of the explosive growth of the population in recent years - in the last 50 years the population has roughly quadrupled. Apart from that it is an enormous challenge to implement the fast technological developments in education - not only for Zambia but for all of the world.