Project UNZA – Electrical Engineering

The aim of the UNZA-EE project is the introduction of new technologies in the Electrical Engineering department of the School of Engineering. A number of courses and labs have been developed for this purpose. The lab 'Sensors and Actuators', which is based on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer – a computer board specially developed for educational purposes, has been given for two years. The students are introduced to various sensors and actuators (the 'edge' equipment), ranging from a heat and speed sensor to a traffic light and a robot arm. All edge equipment is read and programmed by

the students themselves using computer programs that they write in the Python programming language.

In 2023, two new courses were initiated that were developed by SOZ. The courses are 'Applied Artificial Intelligence' (AAI) and 'Internet of Things & Security' (IoT). AAI focuses on

the application of Artificial Intelligence in various industrial sectors and technical applications. The focus of IoT is the computerization of control and measuring equipment across the entire spectrum of technical applications, ranging from automation in process and production industry to (partially) automated vehicles and climate control in buildings. Data security plays (of course) an important role in all of this.

Both courses were given for the first time in 2023 by an employee of SOZ. The target group consisted of both departmental staff and engineers from the business community. This program will be repeated in 2024. The intention is to include the courses in the regular curriculum from 2025 onwards.

Interested parties can obtain all material available at no cost. Use the contact form for this.