Changes coming up
Fri, 10/25/2013 - 14:59

In the coming years many things will change for the schools in Kalwala. On one hand this is because more people will come and live in the area. This is a result of the fact that Chinsali has become the capital of the new province Muchinga. The new offices and houses will be realized in the area between the existing center of Chinsali and the Great North Road (the main connection between Zambia and Tanzania). Kalwala is situated right in this area. The fast growth does not only mean an increasing number of pupils but also more heterogeneity. In one of the next reports we will discuss this issue in more detail.

Apart from the quantitative growth there is the change in the educational structure in Zambia. In 2012 a new framework for education in Zambia was adopted. The changes will affect vocational education in the sense that its position becomes more clear and its importance increases. The web page Developments in the Zambian Education System on this website discusses the reforms more extensively.

The changes in the educational structure correspond well with the strategy of Kalwala Trades School (presently Kalwala School for Continuing Education). Co-operation between the vocational oriented Trades School and the academically oriented High School has always been pursued in order to reach economy of scale and increase the accessibility.

On more than one occasion the Ministry has indicated to favor the approach in Kalwala. The integration of vocational and academic education is considered an example for the region.