Integration of computers in equipment and industrial processes

This year and next year the focus within the CiTA project will be the introduction and further implementation in the curriculum of the integration of computers in equipment and industrial processes. The curriculum innovation will take place within three universities: the University of Nairobi (department of Electronic Engineering), the University of Zambia (department of Electronic Engineering and departments in application areas) and the Kapassa Makassa University in the north of Zambia (department of Science and ICT in Education).

This means that the connection of sensors to computer as well as computers controlling motors, led lights and the like will be an important topic in lectures and labs. However, the target is not only the interface of computers with the physical world and the development of the required software, the program also includes the implementation of mature concepts in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

Apart from integrating modern technologies in the curriculum and the labs, some students will develop appealing applications that can be used to get more secondary school students interested in technology. They will do this as part of their final year project.

We agreed with the universities that as from 2021 we will co-operate in the introduction of these technical topics in secondary education. Initially the practical exercises will be part of the physics lab. At the same time the more interested students can do in-depth experiments within the technology club.

On the pictures: students during a lecture and students working on their projects.

On the page ‘Documents’ you can find the most recent version of the handouts as well as a copy of the presentation.