Introducing the Raspberry Pi
Wed, 02/11/2015 - 13:59

The CiTA project started with two workshops (one at Kalwala Secondary School and one at Chadiza Boarding Secondary School) based on the Raspberry Pi computer. The picture above shows three displays with two lines of 16 characters. During the workshop the participants connected the displays to the Raspberry Pi computers and they developed the software for displaying the text. Other experiments involved the connection and programing of LED s, switches, small motors, speakers, etc.


The equipment (two sets of Raspberry Pi computers set up for experimenting purposes as well as a diversity of input and output electronics) together with learning material has been donated to the schools.

The workshops were received with enthusiasm. The teachers that participated will introduce the technology in the JETS (Junior Engineering Technician and Scientist) club.

If people are interested in the handout of the workshop we will be pleased to send a digital copy by mail (please use the form on this site to contact us).