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The construction of an office-block

Project: PiVoT - Datum: 2013-09-25

This year an office-block is being built by the students. It will consist of offices for as well the Secondary School as the School for Continuing Education. There will also be a staff room included in it. This staff room will be used by teachers of both schools. It will offer facilities like computer and Internet access.


Project: PiVoT - Datum: 2013-02-25

The school continues to evolve. The course 'Bricklaying and Plastering' is offered now for the third year. All students could find a job quite easily after completion of the course. A lot of construction is going on in the region. That is partly because the nearby town of Chinsali has become the capital of the new province Muchinga.

As from this year also a program on metalwork and a course on the use of computers has started.

Annual Report 2012

Project: Algemeen - Datum: 2013-01-01

This report briefly looks back at 2012, SOZ's third year.

Second year of the Bricklaying and plastering course

Project: PiVoT - Datum: 2012-09-25

The course 'Bricklaying and Plastering' is in its second year now. The first group has completed the program and a new group of schoolleavers has started. Business as usual one might say. The advantage is that it gives staff and management time to prepare new courses.

Annual Report 2011

Project: Algemeen - Datum: 2012-01-01

This report briefly looks back at 2011, SOZ's second year.

practical internship

Project: PiVoT - Datum: 2011-11-25

Last September the students doing the course on Bricklaying and Plastering went for internship . They could do their in-service training at the building site of the new teacher training college about 20 km north. By working at this - for the region - large project they get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with many aspects of building .

Formal start

Project: PiVoT - Datum: 2011-05-25

The school is ready to start officially. After the classrooms for theoretical lessons also the lab rooms for practical training have been completed (pictures 1, 2, 3 and 4 below). Furniture has been constructed by the school (picture 5). All preparations have been made for the course in Bricklaying and Plastering. The students have made themselves the bricks that are going to be used in classes (photo 3 on the right) and most of the tools have been purchased (picture 6). The final approval from Teveta – the Zambian organization for accreditation of vocational education –  is expected shortly.

Start of the bricklaying training

Project: PiVoT - Datum: 2011-01-25

Construction of buildings is progressing. The block with two labs and the associated storage space is halfway (see pictures above). It will be available mid-February.

Annual Report 2010

Project: Algemeen - Datum: 2011-01-01

This report briefly looks back at 2010, SOZ's first year.


Project: PiVoT - Datum: 2010-08-25

In August and September 2010 Marianne Willeboordse and Chris Hendriks visited the project in Kalwala Village. Progress was encouraging. The first block of five classrooms has been completed. This means that the building is there. The puchasing of chairs, blackboard, etc. is ongoing. It will not be a problem to have all facilities there before the first group starts in January 2011.