Project GiVEN

The participation of women in the currently offered programs in vocational education is (still) very limited. That is a pity because it means that there is no further education for those who cannot continue due to the exam results at the end of the third year of secondary school. This not only means that they do not develop further skills and qualifications - which limits their job opportunities - but it also means that the school loses sight of them. The school is therefore unable to provide the guidance that is so needed at this age.

In the beginning of 2023, a project aiming at increasing the participation of women in vocational education has been started in collaboration with our sister organization School Support & Beyond and fully financed by them. In the first phase, facilities will be created to offer a new training course in the field of designing, making and repairing of clothing. This means building additional classrooms, purchasing equipment such as sewing machines and eventually building and furnishing dormitories for those who come from far away. And of course, organizing the education in a broader sense that is so important at that age. The ministry of education will provide additional staff (teachers and supervisors) and the necessary materials. The duration of the entire project is five years.