Start of the bricklaying training
Tue, 01/25/2011 - 12:06

Construction of buildings is progressing. The block with two labs and the associated storage space is halfway (see pictures above). It will be available mid-February.

The first group of 20 students begins in the second half of January with their training in bricklaying and plastering (the foto on the left shows the call for applicants in one of the nearby Basic Schools). In order to obtain a nationally recognized diploma they will do an exam at the end of the two year course. Later on this year additional short-courses will be offered as afternoon or evening classes to those who can handle a broader program. Examples of such courses include home electrical installations, water systems and the like. We would like to get in touch with people that are willing and able to develope such short courses.

Furthermore, there are plans to set up a secondary school (High School) in Kalwala Village. We are in touch with the Ministry of Education in order to discuss the possibility of forming a School of Continuing Education that hosts as well the Trades School as the High School. This process might contribute to the ongoing discussion in Zambia on the position of vocational education in the school system.