The construction of an office-block
Wed, 09/25/2013 - 19:30

This year an office-block is being built by the students. It will consist of offices for as well the Secondary School as the School for Continuing Education. There will also be a staff room included in it. This staff room will be used by teachers of both schools. It will offer facilities like computer and Internet access.


The first picture shows a quite rightly proud project manager - Mr. Lackson Kwangu, Headteacher of the Secondary School - in front of the building under construction. The students of the section Bricklaying and Plastering shown on the other pictures are equally proud.

The schools in Kalwala are situated in a sparsely populated area. This means that many students come from far. For some of them the distance from home to school is so large that there is not enough  time to walk it on a daily basis. They therefor stay overnight in the school and sleep in a corner of the store room (the picture shows their belongings in their temporary 'housing'). In the weekend they go home and see their parents.

The Schoollunch project - soon more information will be published on its implementation - will meet their need for daily meals. Next to that an additional project will be defined in the coming months aiming at the realization of a boy and a girl dormitory. We hope to find sponsors for it so that in the course of next year students that live far away from school will have a reasonable place to sleep during week days.