Mon, 02/25/2013 - 16:37

The school continues to evolve. The course 'Bricklaying and Plastering' is offered now for the third year. All students could find a job quite easily after completion of the course. A lot of construction is going on in the region. That is partly because the nearby town of Chinsali has become the capital of the new province Muchinga.

As from this year also a program on metalwork and a course on the use of computers have started.


Recently the computer-lab has been set up by Chris Hendriks (SOZ) and Dalitso Mwale, the ICT teacher of the school. Some of Mr. Mwale's fellow teachers gave assistance (left picture). The students work on their own notebook but at the same time they can follow the teacher on a screen next to them. Students find this way of teaching inspiring.

The computer-lab is a good example of the synergy between the Secondary School and the School for Continuing Education. Both schools make use of the lab and the ICT staff teaches in both schools as well.


The school is made more complete by setting up a library and creating sports facilities (on the right picture students start clearing the new sports field).


On Friday 8 February 2013 the Ministry officially took over the responsibility for the school. As from that date the name of the school is: School for Continuing Education. The Ministry recognizes the value of vocational training, not only in urban regions but also in the rural areas. The importance that the Ministry attaches to good educations in these areas becomes visible in the quality of the staff that has been appointed at the Kalwala schools.

On the pictures we see the various invited guests addressing the persons present. On the first two pictures these are successively: the Provincial Education Officer and the Chief.

Apart from the official opening of the school the program included the graduation of the students (third picture). And, of course, the was some time for entertainment in the form of traditional dancing.


At the end of the ceremony the computer-lab was officially opened. The invited guests are given a brief demonstration of the way future generations of students in Kalwala will get familiar with the possibilities of the computer.