Wed, 08/25/2010 - 11:54

In August and September 2010 Marianne Willeboordse and Chris Hendriks visited the project in Kalwala Village. Progress was encouraging. The first block of five classrooms has been completed. This means that the building is there. The puchasing of chairs, blackboard, etc. is ongoing. It will not be a problem to have all facilities there before the first group starts in January 2011.


Above a 360 degrees photo that gives a good impression of the school in the surrounding area. It also shows that right from the classrooms preparations for the labs have started.
The school is managed by a foundation (LM Kalwala Community Centre) and has been named Kalwala Trades School. On behalf of the foundation the daily management of the school is conducted by a committee chaired by Mr Kwangu (sitting at the right on the photo), Deputy Head of the nearby Basic School. This committee has prepared a Strategic Plan (available under "Documents") for the next four years. It also has submitted an application for accreditation at Teveta (, the organization responsible for the quality of vocational education in Zambia.

Issues that the Committee is still working on are the recruitment of teaching staff, the purchasing of books and educational materials, and the formalization of the relationship between the school and the Zambian government.


The project has the full support of the local community. The appreciation of the initiatives of SOZ was made visible in a common farewell meal offered by the community.