About a year ago the girls dormitory has been completed. Well over thirty girls that live far from school – a two hours walk from home to school is not uncommon – make use of it now. With the supervision the school offers, the dormitory does not only offer accommodation but it is also a substitute for ‘home’. It goes without saying that as well the girls themselves as their parents and the school are very enthusiastic about the new facilities. But for the boys the situation is no different. Also for them it is far from ideal to sleep somewhere in the village without proper supervision. Therefore about two month ago a project has been initiated to realize a similar dormitory for the boys. As the pictures above show a good supply of building blocks have been made already and the bricklaying has reached windows level. The project is – at the Dutch side – a co-operative effort of School Support & Beyond and SOZ. Important in a project as this is the project manager at the spot. Therefore we are very happy that Emmanuel has taken on this task. He is not only well educated – he is one of the students that has been sponsored by School Support & Beyond for the continuation of their education – but he is also very dedicated to the development of the school and the local community.