Around 2001, the Foundation Joy of a Toy ( in Chinsali District started a primary school near the place where they already had established an orphanage. The primary school lasts nine years in Zambia and the first group is thus at the end of this school year. The Zambian school system is that after primary school (Basic School) based on an exam - limited - some of the students go to - theoretically oriented - secondary school (high school). After the last class of the Basic School is therefore a large number of pupils leaving school. They have no job and taught there for them - except some private initiatives - no further education available. The government is aware of this shortcoming in the education system but to develop and implement a structure for lower vocational education will be some time. Due to the large numbers, there is much money involved.

Nevertheless, lower vocational education is very important. This is particularly true for the economic development of rural areas. By filling in the (lower) rural vocational education is that different requirements than the industrialized areas: there are hardly businesses, population density is low and the like.
How does that situation look like in local areas Chinsali District? Remarkable is the increasing need in one - with the relevant materials built elsewhere - house to live instead of the conventional - built with local materials - hut. In parallel runs the gradual arrival of electricity and water. Also see changes in agriculture. In many places and for various reasons, there is a need to diversify and broaden the local supply.
The project is realized in Pivot Kalwala Village - about 10 km from Chinsali - a vocational school for less linked to a primary school. This link brings with it a number of advantages but also problems. By evaluating both the project hopes to contribute to the discussion at national level is under way on the future content of vocational education. The project will strongly embedded in the local community. In addition, the initiatives as closely as possible elsewhere in this area already taken.