PiVoT stands for: Pilot for Vocational Training. In the project a school for vocational education in rural areas is set up. The possibility to copy the concept to other locations will get special attention.

Basic vocational education in Zambia has got little attention up to now. The emphasis within the educational system has so far been given to what could be called the ´educational pyramid´. The base is formed by the Basic School, which is widely accessible in Zambia. The top consists of the the universities and colleges. In between the Highschool is situated being the only form of secondary education. The unavoidable drop outs and school leavers usually don´t have an optimal preparation to the jobs offered in society. Allthough there are several private initiatives - especially in urban areas - vocational education offered bears no relation to need.

Within the project we have chosen to give particular attention to basic vocational education in rural areas. The background to this is that vocational training is of great importance for the economic development of these areas.
One might wonder whether the economic progress of rural areas is a desirable development. What is wrong with an economic structure in which everyone produces for his own consumption, in which housing is made of locally-found materials and in which hardly any cash is going around? The disadvantage of this traditional rural economy is that the formation of 'buffers', necessary for the inevitable lean years to come, is not possible. Periodic famine and increased mortality are therefore - without external help - inevitable in the traditional rural economy. To absorb the fluctuations in agricultural productivity the money economy is a necessity. All this apart from other problems associated with the traditional rural economy like migration to urban areas and major cultural differences between rural and industrialized regions.
An analysis of whether or not economic development in rural areas is desirable obviously requires more words than are used in the previous paragraph. In any case however, it can be stated that, assuming a gradual economic development of rural areas is desirable, vocational education tailored to local conditions is an important first step.
Finally, a goal of the project is that the concept can be copied to other locations. For this reason it was decided to link the training institute to a basic school.