October 2017

For some month now the school is officially registered (gazetted) as Kalwala High School. The school has the status of ‘boarding school’ but is also registered as ‘school for continuing education’. At the moment the boarding facilities are still limited but it is the intention to expand these in the future. A school for continuing education offers courses and training programs to adults; in our case these programs are in the same field as the regular high school courses.

The dining hall is used intensively. Not only for the lunches but also for all sorts of other activities. And since a hall of this size is rare in the region it can be rented out regularly. The additional income for the school is of course very welcome.

Because the dining hall does not have its own furniture yet our sister-foundation School Support & Beyond made a budget available to have a local carpenter construct tables and benches (see picture above). In this way not only the school gets the proper furniture but also local economic activities are supported.


The girls dormitory - a joint project of School Support & Beyond and SOZ - has been in use for some time now. It is a beautiful building and the sanitary facilities meet today's standards. In this way 36 girls have a comfortable and safe place to stay during the week days. The supervision they get in the dormitory also contributes to a good upbringing during the stage of life in which the girls are relatively vulnerable.

We hope to be able to make a start next year with a dormitory for the boys. Also for them a 'replacement home' is important.


May 2017

Because the number of students is increasing more furniture is needed. Not only for the classrooms but also for the dining hall. As much as possible local craftsmen are being involved in producing whatever is needed for the school or whenever maintenace is required.

The pictures show the local carpenter constructing sets of tables and benches for the dining hall.

Many of the local craftsmen are trained by the school itself. After their education a number of them start their own business. Of course they are happy with any work order they get - for instance from the school.


PiVoT: January 2017

The school has started again. The girls dormitory has been supplied with furniture in the form of bunk beds and lockers. As one of the visiting officials said: it has become a very nice building with modern sanitation and a practical interior; a facility that will give around 35 girls a safe and comfortable "home" from Monday till Saturday. However, it will not only be a place that gives safety but also a place in which the supervising staff contributes to the upbringing of the girls. And this contribution to the upbringing might be as important as the subjects taught in the school !



August 2016

The construction of the first dormitory has been completed (the picture shows the front view). It is expected that before the end of the year also the ablution block will be ready so that the first group of about 35 girls can accommodated.

April 2016

Soon after the school in Kalwala had opened there was already a need for boarding facilities for the students. Some of them had to walk such large distances that it was virtually impossible to go home every day. Consequently they slept somewhere in the village from Monday till Friday and only spent the weekend at home. Sometimes the school could supply some store room but that situation was far from ideal - no bathroom, no supervision, clearly a risky situation. Initially highest priority was given to a dormitory for the girls. The general feeling amongst staff and parents however was that facilities for the boys were equally important. Once again, not only for reasons of comfort and hygiene but also because these youngsters are in a phase of life in which they need supervision and guidance.

Because the total cost for dormitories, furniture and ablution blocks was substantial the foundation School Support & Beyond and the Stichting Onderwijsprojecten Zambia decided to finance and manage the project together. The resulting 'dormitory project' has a duration of 2 years and a budget of 80.000 euro. It aims at the realization of a girls and a boys dormitory, each for 36 students. Hereby one should not only think of the physical facilities but also of the organizational structure to 'make the house into a home'.

The project started halfway February. The pictures show the progress of the construction halfway April. On the floor plan it is shown from which direction the photographs have been taken (the numbering corresponds to the photographs in reading sequence; by clicking on a specific photograph this one is shown in a separate window). As can be seen from the pictures only the bedrooms are being built. Toilets and washing facilities - the ablution block - will be constructed as a separate building. Construction of the ablution block will start immediately after completion of the dorm.

Each of the dormitories consists of 9 rooms with two bunk beds. There is a main entrance in the middle and an emergency exit at each of the sides. The project is contracted by Ireen Kalwala (she is to be seen on the first picture). Ireen is the daughter of the former founder of the village. She also contributed in the construction of the teaching rooms and the labs of the school. We are happy with her contribution and share the pride that she shows on the picture below.